Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday said that the opposition has no solid issue and that he is playing on the front foot. The chief minister was speaking at the Agenda Aaj Tak.

He said that people missed BJP’s governance in the state when they were not in power, and Congress was heading the government.

Speaking at the event, Shivraj touched upon a range of issues and said that the schemes made by his government are in the interest of the people and they have voted for them in the by-elections.

When asked about the increasing number of name changes of places in the state, Shivraj said that he is hurt that a party (congress), which ruled the country for so long worked only to popularise one family. He said that he is proud that they are changing names and honouring those people who brought India its freedom. The government had recently renamed the Habibganj Railway Station in Bhopal after the Gond queen Rani Kamlapati.

Chouhan hailed Rani Kamlapati as the pride of the Gond community and the last Hindu queen of Bhopal.

Meanwhile, on the matter of love jihad, Shivraj said that no one has any problem with love but if there is a conspiracy behind it to exploit people, this law is for such people. The state government had in January this year the Freedom of Religion Bill 2020 or the ‘anti-Love Jihad’ law. This ordinance provides for imprisonment up to 10 years and a fine of Rs 1 lakh for the guilty.


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