Osama bin laden poster is not from marina protest:-

binladenTN government is attempting to discredit the Marina protests and justify police action against the protesters, the government of TN has put forward several theories, one of them being that anti-national elements had entered the protests. As proof, we were shown an image of a man on a bike with a poster of Osama bin Laden. TN CM O Pannerselvam even mentioned this on the floor of the house.

That man from otteri had give an interview clearly saying that he was not a part of that jallikattu protest, and that photo is from a previous protest organized from an Islamic group on December much before the Marina protest.

He clearly says that I was the one in that picture but its not in that marina protest and he also said that I was working on that date even a security camera is placed in my store that may be a proof for you, that I was from 9am to 5pm in my shop only.

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