Mahesh Shah, a businessman from Gujarat who made a surprising disclosure Rs 13,860 crore in unaccounted wealth under the Income Declaration Scheme (IDS) two months ago, said on Saturday he was us­ed as a front by some businessmen and po­l­iticians to declare the money and wou­ld name them soon.

“This is not a fake disclosure,” the Ahmedabad-based businessman said. “The amount of Rs 13,860 crore is real. But this is not my money. This money does not belong to a single individual. This money is like bhelpuri: it belongs to various individuals from different places. It is not like it belongs to one politician from Gujarat, or an industrialist from Maharashtra. All I can say now is that this is money from Hindustan. And yes, I am just a pawn. I was promised a commission to declare this money.”

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