Over 20 students and 10 teachers have tested positive for Covid-19 in Tamil Nadu after schools reopened in the state after almost one year on September 1,

While cases were being reported from September 3, the most recent cases have been reported from a private school in Chennai.

A boy and his parents with a recent history of travel to Bengaluru tested positive. Around 120 other students from the school are also being tested.

State Health Minister Ma Subramanian said, “If students or teachers test positive in any school, the institution will be sealed immediately and sanitisation and other SOPs will be followed. Those infected with Covid will be given immediate medical help. Random tests will be conducted in schools across the state.”

With several students demanding offline classes, the state government had come up with a plan to reopen schools. Several precautionary measures were put into place. It was ensured that students and other staff members were fully vaccinated before the reopening of schools.

The state education minister had also said students can opt for online classes, after getting parental approval if they were worried about attending classes physically during the pandemic.

With the possibility of a third Covid wave, and children being considered most vulnerable, question is being raised whether reopening of schools was the right move.

Dr. KR Malathy, an educationist, said, “The decision to reopen schools is good. The government has assured that all precautionary measures are being taken. As Soumya Swaminathan (WHO Chief scientist) said now Covid has entered the endemic stage in India, we have to live with it. Some people might get infected and that is something that we should take care of and just move ahead.”

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