The  Pakistan  government has brought into effect some announcements .  As the economy is finding it difficult to revive , wedding halls , malls and  markets  have been ordered to close early in order to save energy. Pakistan government’s energy conservation plan consists of these decisions.  To decrease the dependence on imported oil  and to save energy , the National  Energy Conservation has been approved by Pakistan  cabinet Ministers. As per Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, “The markets and malls would now close at 8:30 pm while the wedding halls in Pakistan would close by 10:00 pm. The measure will save us Rs 60 billion.” To tackle the situation certain measures have been taken. From February the production of incandescent bulbs would be stopped . The inefficient fans will not be manufactured after July. Approximately 22 billion can be saved by taking such steps. Conical geysers will be made mandatory within a year saving upto Rs. 92 billion. Rs. 4 billion can be saved due to alternative uses of streetlight.


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