Actor-director Radhakrishnan Parthiban, who is basking in glory following the acclaim and awards for his previous film ‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’, has been busy directing his next project titled Iravin Nizhal. He had earlier announced that Oscar-winner AR Rahman is composing the music for the film. While the acclaimed director had earlier said that AR Rahman has composed three awesome songs for the film, the latest is that Parthiban himself has penned the lyrics for one song.

Among the first few of its kind in the world, ‘Iravin Nizhal’ will be a single-shot feature. Taking to his social networking page Parthiban wrote in Tamil, which translates to, “AR Rahman had sent a tune in his voice for the background music and asked me to write the lyrics for it. From the moment I heard it, I have been in high spirits. A week was spent trying to come down and give that abstract tune a written form, and the recording was also done. Like the Ganges suppressed within the conch, the vigor of the whole film in one song. I flutter my wings in ecstasy. If you enjoy cooking, you will enjoy the taste when it comes to the leaf (screen).”

AR Rahman and Parthiban had collaborated on a musical film Yelolo, way back in 2001. However, the project failed to materialise due to various reasons. Now, the two have finally got back together after 20 years!

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