Several parts of India are poised to witness one of the rare celestial occurrences today, October 25, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are not exactly aligned and the Sun appears to have a dark shadow on a small part of its surface known as a partial solar eclipse.

The partial solar eclipse can be seen from around 4:20 pm till 5:20 in several parts of India. In Hanle, a group of researchers from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics observed the sunset time and calculated that it would be visible till 5:08 pm.

The partial solar eclipse is one of the rare occurrences as it will be seen after a decade in India and will not be seen again in another 10 years.

The partial solar eclipse on October 25 will be visible in all the states of the country, according to PTI. However, the eastern part of the country will see the partial eclipse only marginally, whereas the northern and western parts of the country will be able to observe the partial eclipse with a better view and for a longer period of time, reported PTI.

According to Astrophysicist Debi Prasad Duari, the partial solar eclipse will begin at around 4:29 pm in New Delhi and end with the sunset at 6:09 pm with the maximum eclipse set to occur at 5:42 pm.

In Mumbai, the eclipse will begin at 4:49 pm with the maximum eclipse occurring at around 5:42 pm.

People of West Bengal’s Siliguri can witness the partial solar eclipse between 4:41 pm and 4:59 pm.

n Nagpur, one can witness the partial solar eclipse from 4:49 pm to 5:42 pm.

In the southern part of the country, like Bengaluru, the eclipse will begin at 5:12 pm and end at 5:55 at sunset.

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan will experience an eclipse from 4:26 pm to 6:09 pm with the maximum at around 5:30 pm when the disc of the sun will be obscured by 42.5 per cent.

The eclipse will not be observed from north eastern India as the celestial phenomenon will be occurring after the sunset in those regions, Astrophysicist Debi Prasad Duari said. is in Hanle, a remote location about 300 kilometers off Ladakh, nestled among the Changthang plateau where temperatures drop to -25 degrees Celsius with wind speeds at 5 meters per second, enough to make your bones shiver.

The Indian Institute of Astrophysics will be live streaming the Partial Solar eclipse from Hanle, Ladakh.


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