Addressing Parliament on the occasion of Constitution Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is not good for a healthy democracy “if a party is run by one family for many generations”.

In what seemed to be a dig at the opposition Congress party, he said, “Party for the family, by the family…do I need to say more? If a party is run for generations by a family and the entire party system is with that family, then that is the biggest problem for a healthy democracy.”

“Look at dynastic political parties from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, this is against the democratic spirit. It is a cause for concern for those who believe in the Constitution,” he added.

Elaborating further, PM Modi said, “Those parties that have lost their own democratic character, how can they protect the nation’s democracy? When I say dynastic politics, I don’t mean people can’t come from one family into politics. But if a party is run by one family, generation after generation, that is not right for a democracy.”

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