An Agra-based lawyer has filed a petition in the court of chief judicial magistrate seeking legal action against actor Kangana Ranaut over her ‘bheekh remark made recently. The court will hear petitioner Ramashankar Sharma’s case on December 15.

The petitioner has named Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his petition alleging “inaction” of the central government against Kangana Ranaut for making that comment.

Sharma, the president of Agra’s Rajiv Gandhi Bar Association moved the court on November 23 claiming that Kangana Ranaut ridiculed freedom fighters and Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of non-violence.

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He also named BJP leader Pragya Thakur in his petition alleging that she insulted Mahatma Gandhi. Sharma sought against Thakur.

Commenting on the nature of Sharma’s petition, activist Vijay Upadhyay said it was not “appropriate” to name the prime minister in a petition filed in the court. He said, “The post of Prime Minister of India is a respected post not only in the country, but on the world stage. It does not seem appropriate to drag the name of the prime minister in this debate.”

He said, “The statement made by Kangana Ranaut could, in fact, be called an insult to the freedom fighters. To file a case against Kangana Ranaut is understandable, but it is the duty of every Indian to respect the dignity of the post of prime minister.”

Hindustan Biradari vice-chairman Vishal Sharma said petitioner Sharma was trying to highlight his case by naming PM Modi in the petition.

“Some people want to highlight their name by dragging the name of the honorable prime minister in such cases, which is not a proper thing to do. Bringing the name of the prime minister into such controversies can tarnish India’s image abroad,” Vishal Sharma said.

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Agra-based activist Sameer said cases like the one filed by Sharma were politically motivated. He said, “In 2022, assembly elections are going to be held in five states including Uttar Pradesh. Such cases are basically politically motivated, but they should not be given much credence.”

Sameer dubbed Kangana Ranaut’s remark as “nonsensical” saying that the actor might make similar remarks in future again. “That does not mean that the prime minister’s name should be dragged into the controversy,” he said.

However, Congress leader Shabbir Abbas defended the petitioner saying, “The sacrifice made by the people of India to liberate the country can never be forgotten. Kangana’s ignorant talk of getting freedom in ‘bheekh’ is actually an insult to freedom fighters and Mahatma Gandhi. The step taken by advocate Ramashankar is right.”


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