Petrol and Diesel prices increased by 60 paisa per litre on Sunday. petrol price in Delhi raised to Rs 71.86 a litre from Rs 71.26 per litre, while diesel rates hiked to Rs 69.99 from Rs 60.39 per litre, in accordance with price notification of state oil marketing sectors.

Regular daily price revision has been started , oil company official said. oil companies decided to adjust rates ,instead of getting hiked to consumers.

The petrol price in Mumbai was hiked by 59 paisa to Rs 78.91, in Kolkata rate hiked to Rs 73.89 per litre respectively.In Chennai the price of petrol hiked to Rs 76.07 with the increase of 53 Paisa.

The Diesel prices were hiked by 58 paisa in Mumbai to Rs 68.79, in Kolkata price was hiked by 55 Paisa to Rs 66.17. whereas in Chennai, the price was hiked to Rs 68.74 from Rs 68.22

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