The state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) have kept fuel rates unchanged on Friday, November 26, 2021, marking stability in the prices of petrol and diesel for more than three weeks now.

Notably, petrol and diesel prices have remained static for over three weeks after the central government announced an excise duty cut on fuel rates on November 3, providing relief to consumers from record-high fuel prices.

The excise duty on petrol and diesel was slashed by Rs 5 and Rs 10, respectively, following which many NDA-ruled states also announced a cut in Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel rates.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation, petrol is retailing at Rs 103.97 per litre in Delhi whereas diesel is available at Rs 86.67 per litre in the national capital.

In India’s financial hub, Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 109.98 per litre and people have to shell out Rs 94.14 for one litre of diesel, which is still the highest among four metro cities.

Similarly, in Tamil Nadu’s capital, Chennai, one litre of petrol is being sold at Rs 101.56 and the price of diesel remained unchanged at Rs 91.58 per litre.

The prices of petrol and diesel remained unaltered in Kolkata and stood at Rs 104.67 and Rs 89.79 per litre, respectively.

Among the four metro cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata), petrol is the cheapest in Chennai and diesel is the least expensive in the national capital, Delhi.

Fuel rates in other Indian cities:

In India, petrol and diesel prices depend on various factors including demand for fuel, valuation of INR against USD, global crude oil prices, consumption ratio of refineries and more.

In addition to this, fuel rates differ from state to state due to value-added tax (VAT) and freight charges. Notably, Bhopal and Jaipur are the two cities that levy higher VAT on fuel as compared to other cities and states of the country.

In Bhopal, petrol is currently being sold at Rs 107.04 per litre while diesel costs Rs 90.69 per litre.

Meanwhile, petrol costs Rs 82.96 per litre in Andaman and Nicobar, the cheapest in the country. Similarly, in Itanagar, people have to shell out Rs 92.02 for one litre of petrol.

It may be noted that the price of petrol is below the Rs 100 mark in many cities, including Noida, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Ranchi, Shillong, Panaji, Shimla and Lucknow.

Petrol and Diesel prices in major Indian cities:

NEW DELHIRs 103.97Rs 86.67
MUMBAIRs 109.98Rs 94.14
CHENNAIRs 101.40Rs 91.43
KOLKATARs 104.67Rs 89.79
BENGALURURs 100.65Rs 85.08
HYDERABADRs 108.20Rs 94.62

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