Amid the speculation of price hikes, the rates of petrol and diesel remain constant on the domestic market on March 15. The prices remained steady in cities such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore.

In India, petrol and diesel prices depend on various factors like demand for fuel, valuation of INR against USD, consumption ratio of refineries and more. In addition to this, fuel rates differ from state to state due to value-added tax (VAT) and freight charges.

In Delhi, petrol is retailing at Rs 95.41 per litre and diesel costs Rs 86.67 per litre. In India’s financial capital, Mumbai, the prices of petrol and diesel stood at Rs 109.98 per litre and Rs 94.14 per litre, respectively.

In Kolkata, petrol costs Rs 104.67 per litre and people have to shell out Rs 89.97 for one litre of diesel. The November 4 decline took the prices of petrol and diesel down to Rs 101.40 per litre and Rs 91.43 per litre in Chennai, respectively.


NEW DELHIRs 95.41Rs 86.67
MUMBAIRs 109.98Rs 94.14
CHENNAIRs 101.40Rs 91.43
KOLKATARs 104.67Rs 89.79
HYDERABADRs 108.20Rs 94.62
BANGALORERs 100.58Rs 85.01

The prices of petrol and diesel vary from state to state and also in cities, depending on the incidence of local taxes like value-added tax (VAT) and freight charges. As per the reports, Rajasthan levies the highest VAT in the country, followed by Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


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