An International flight had to be returned to Delhi shortly after the take off. The Indigo flight was flying to Phuket in Thailand, when it reached back to the bay due to a technical snag . The Indigo flight 6 E – 1763 had a loss of its hydraulic green system. That was the reason  for it’s return.  A full emergency  was declared for it’s return. It was declared at 7:22 am approximately an hour after it’s take off. For necessary maintenance the aircraft had to be returned.  “An alternate aircraft was provided to passengers for the flight to Phuket,” it said. In November too an Air India A 320 aircraft of Hyderabad – Dubai route was diverted to Mumbai  due to the failure of the yellow hydraulic system. It was carrying 143 people . An Indigo flight from Kannur to Doha was also diverted earlier this month due to a technical fault.


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