Google is likely to bring its Pixel branding to wearables soon. A host of rumours have been floating around the same, and a new report shares some more details on Google’s work. It suggests that the first-ever Pixel watch will come with a next-generation Google Assistant and that it might be powered by a new Exynos chipset.

The information has been shared by 9to5Google in a new report. The publication found mentions of new feature tags inside a Google app in a recent update. The newly discovered feature tag is titled “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH,” hence strongly suggesting an upcoming smartwatch under the Pixel name.

These feature tags are included within Pixel phones for several features exclusive to Google smartphones. Google apps often check for these tags to know when to offer a feature that is exclusive to Pixel. The new “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” tag suggests that it will enable certain functions that will be exclusive to the Pixel smartwatch, at least initially.

Pixel Watch may get new Google Assistant

In addition to this, the 9to5Google team also found references to “Rohan,” a codename associated with the Pixel Watch in the recent past. The reference was found to be directly linked with the next-generation Google Assistant, which we have seen since the Pixel 4 phone. This hints at the possibility of the Pixel smartwatch supporting the next generation of Google Assistant, which is able to process voice commands directly on the device.

So we can expect the Pixel smartwatch to come with Pixel exclusive features as well as the capability of carrying out voice commands while offline. The report also cites images from the Wear OS 3 emulator to show what the Google Assistant would look like on the Pixel smartwatch. If true, we know that these would be some big features to set the Pixel watch apart from any other smartwatch in the market right now.

Pixel Watch with Exynos chipset

Since Samsung and Google have worked together for smart wearables, it is likely that Google will lean on its partner for the hardware of its Pixel-branded wearable. Due to this, and some references found in Wear OS-related code, 9to5Google predicts that an Exynos chipset will power the Pixel smartwatch.

It is not yet confirmed that the chipset will be Exynos W920, the one we see on the latest Galaxy Watch 4. However, the one clear indication from all the references found for the Pixel watch is that the chipset will need to be powerful enough to conduct on-device actions and not depend on servers for backing. Considering that, the Exynos W920 may be the ideal fit for the Pixel watch.


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