There are various smartwatches in the market currently under the Rs 5000 bracket users can choose from. Indian consumer brands like Zebronics and MoLife have stepped into the fray when it comes to offering such wearables. Another Indian brand, Play, recently launched a smartwatch called Playfit Strength. During the time of launch, the company had noted that Playfit Strength is rugged and aimed at users into sports. The company also claims that the smartwatch can last up to 5 days for non-stop use. It also has an IP67 rating which protects it from dust, water, and dirt. The Playfit Strength also enables customers to handle calls, messages, and similar notifications without constantly checking their smartphones. It is currently priced at Rs 4999, and we find out if the smartwatch is worth the money.

Playfit Strength smartwatch review: Build and design

My first impression looking at the Playfit Strength was that this watch is not delicate. The company mentions the watch is rugged, and it fits the description as the watch looks rough and tough and can be used by people who are into sports or for trek lovers who like roughing it. The smartwatch has a round dial and a silicone strap, which is not smooth and has a rough-ish texture. However, it does not compromise on the comfort and stays on the wrist comfortably, but it is not light enough that you will miss its presence. The smartwatch comes with only one strap and does not have an alternate in case users want to switch if their strap gets sweat marks, which it will, after continuous use.

The next thing you do after switching on the watch is looking for watch faces, for which you have to download the Playfit app, applicable for Indian users. Users can get confused here as they will find two Playfit apps with almost identical designs. You should go for the one which is orange in colour and mentions IoT wearables. As of now, Playfit Strength does not give options to change watch faces, which I found a little inconvenient. This is because the watch face which comes right out-of-the-box may not be at par to everyone’s liking.

As the dial on the watch moves, it hides details like steps, calories or miles, which the user might want to check as soon as they look at the watch. Even though the smartwatch gives all the details looking at it, the UI of the watch has room for improvement. The touch and display of the smartwatch are fairly decent and the smartwatch has brightness up to 5 pointers. The brightness is sufficient in normal lighting but when you are under the sun or outside during peak afternoon, the visibility on. the smartwatch greatly reduces.

Playfit Strength smartwatch review: Battery and tracking

The company claims that smartwatches can run smoothly for up to 5 days after getting 100 per cent charged in one go. I found that to be true as I rarely took the watch out to charge again once it was completely charged. It comes. with a magnetic charger and is convenient to charge. The watch also has a 7-day standby capacity with the Bluetooth disabled. The Playfit Strength comes with various trackers to keep your vitals in check. It has multiple sports modes, a heart rate tracker, sleep monitoring features, SpO2 monitor, among other features. I found the steps tracker and the SpO2 monitor to be quite useful and accurate. The sleep monitor, however, counted my reclining time as sleeping hours and was not fully accurate. The sports mode can come in handy to users while walking and running. The smartwatch also shows the number of calories its users burn when active. Since the smartwatch has an IP67 rating, I was not hesitant to wear it while washing my hands as I did not mind a few drops of water here and there. It also proved useful when I wanted to check my heart rate.

The PlayFit Strength also proved useful when I wanted to take or reject calls in case, I did not have my phone around. The mic and the speaker of the smartwatch are decent, and people on the other side could hear me clearly when I spoke to them. The smartwatch also allows users to check call records or use dial pads and to read messages easily. It allows users to control music choices, alarms and to take remote photographs from the watch itself.

Playfit Strength smartwatch review: Verdict

The Playfit Strength is a sturdy and rugged smartwatch and is a good option if you are looking for something under Rs 5,000. As mentioned above, it will be a perfect fit for users who are into sports or need to track their vitals during camps or treks. Its calling feature will also come in handy for users who do not always have their phones around. But if you are someone who is picky about things like UI and watch face, you might reconsider. Although, the company says it will add the watch faces to the smartwatch soon.


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