In  Kerala a recent incident among tribals has triggered a debate. It’s for over 3 kms a pregnant woman was carried on a cloth sling by locals. The tribals had to carry across waterbodies and forests.  The hospital authorities said she gave birth to a baby girl yesterday morning after she was admitted to hospital on Saturday night.  Lack of bridge had lead the tribals to carry her in a sling made of bedsheets to be rushed to hospital . Fearing wild animals that too in the night they had to do it in the midst of heavy downpour. In Attapadi reserve forest in Palakkad , is a tribal settlement in iKadakkumana Uru and she hails from there. Across river Bhawani is a hanging bridge and it’s only through that they can accessd the outside world. Their repeated pleas for a bridge remains unattended. A relative  who is one among the people who carried her  said “She developed pain around 11pm on Saturday and we called many people for help. Finally, we made a sling using bamboo and bed sheets carried her through forests with the help of torch light around 12:30am. Heavy downpour added to our woes and but our aim was to save two lives.” “She belongs to Kurumba tribe. Usually, they refuse to come out of their settlements and medical team often visits them in their dwellings. A bridge along Bhawani river was a long pending demand,” said Puthoor panchayar president Jyoti Anil Kumar.  In Social media it has garnered various reactions and netizens are pinpointing the state.


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