PUBG New State will be down for some time as its maintenance is due for later today, Krafton said. Players will be unable to access the latest battle royale, but this minor inconvenience will be worth it. Krafton has announced that it will use the maintenance time to push the latest patch, which is filled with new weapons, new vehicles, and the Survivor Pass Volume 2.

In a note on the game’s website, Krafton said that PUBG: New State will be “closed” on December 9. This essentially means that the game will be inaccessible throughout the day. Although the maintenance schedule is preset, Krafton has hinted that the schedule may change “depending on emergent issues”, so if you are holding off for a certain time, be informed.

The new patch will bring a horde of new elements to PUBG: New State. Krafton has published the entire list, which includes the L85A3 weapon with gun customisations, M416 Long Barrel with customisation, new vehicles called Electron and Mesta, and the Survivor Pass Volume 2, which begins on December 9 after the maintenance is complete.

In Survivor Pass Volume 2, the main character is Bella of the Dream Runner Faction. There will be upgraded level rewards for the Premium Pass, and the rewards now include vehicle skins and additional character costumes. Krafton said that 1,500 NC will be rewarded to “Survivors” when they reach Level 48 in the Premium Pass. This reward can be used towards purchasing the next Premium Pass. There is also a Free Pass Reward of BP Chests for players.

Krafton will also add a new lobby theme to PUBG New State with the new patch. It also has fixed joystick controls in the game, along with improved sensitivity. There are some other minor improvements, as well. For instance, you will no longer have to stand beside a vehicle’s door to board it. You will be able to board a vehicle “from further away while maintaining a wider field of view.” The merits points system will also become better with a stricter penalty system for unruly players.

“The Troi and Erangel maps are also getting upgrades with the new patch. We will continue to make the Battlegrounds better and improve the gaming experience of all Survivors by making improvements to Troi and Erangel. To start, we first raised the quality of the grass in Troi in this patch. We are also aware of the reports about severe eye fatigue and difficulties in spotting enemy Survivors in a match. We are vigorously investigating these issues and will gradually roll out improvement updates in the future. Also, fixes for a majority of the visual bugs in Troi and Erangel will also be implemented in this patch,” Krafton said.

You can check full details of the upcoming patch that PUBG New State will begin receiving on December 9 in a post on the company website.


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