PUBG New State’s scheduled December maintenance and subsequent update have been delayed yet again, with the developers citing continuous delay in the app review as the reason. PUBG New State was set to receive a major update on December 9, but the maintenance routine has been pushed back a couple of times now.

Interestingly, the game is giving out free rewards to players who were unable to download the new update. PUBG New State December update included several bug fixes, new weapons, and new rewards for players. Since the update is postponed by the company, players can avail free gifts as compensation for the halt.

5,000 BP and 2 Royale Chest Tickets have been sent to the players in their in-game mail. This information was shared by PUBG on its official Twitter handle.

Additionally, Players are set to receive two Chicken Medals on December 14, three on December 15, four on December 16, and so on. The number of Chicken Medal rewards will increase by one each day until the day of maintenance. Chicken Medals are a form of in-game currency that is used to open unique crates in PUBG: New State. Krafton will send out the rewards each day at 9 am UTC (2:30 pm IST).

The promised patch will include tons of new content and improvements including a new weapon (L85A3), two new vehicles, Survivor Pass Vol. 2., a new Lobby theme, and more. In addition, it will bring a new Merit Points System to reward or penalize the behaviours of players.

PUBG: New State will also see the addition of two new vehicles; Electron and Mesta. The electric-powered minibus, Electron can be found either on the Troi map or the Training Ground. Mesta is a gasoline-powered two-seater sports car that is added to Erangel, certain areas of Troi, and the Training Ground.

In related news, PUBG in order to provide players with a more fair competitive environment has recently implemented a device ban feature, one of the most community-requested features! Now anyone who maliciously cheats to disrupt the balance of the game will face the strictest penalty of their device being banned from the game forever.


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