PUBG: New State has received a host of new features in a major update rolled out by Krafton recently. The update brings a new weapon, new weapon customisation, and new vehicles to the popular battle royale game, and is already available for download. In addition, the update carries numerous fixes to the gameplay, map, lobby, and even the game access.

PUBG: New State players on both Android and iOS can download the update through the respective app stores. The changes with the update will be visible right when you enter the game, with a new lobby theme that marks the upcoming Christmas festivities. Other than that, here is a look at everything new that you can see on PUBG: New State in your next gaming session.

New Weapon – L85A3 assault rifle

The latest patch to PUBG: New State brings a new L85A3 assault rifle that promises low recoil at the cost of fire rate. The weapon is a Bullpup assault rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo and is well suited for mid to long-range firefights. L85A3 promises the highest damage of all 5.56 assault rifles.

The L85A3 can be found in both Erangel and Troi.

New Vehicles – Electron and Mesta

Two new vehicles have also been introduced to PUBG: New State. The first one is named Electron and is an electric 6-seater minibus. Electron is more durable than other vehicles and allows a team of players to switch seats while in the vehicle. It will be available in Troi and Training Ground for now.

Mesta is the other new vehicle, a classic two-seater sports car that promises quick acceleration and high top speeds. Mesta comes in two models: standard and open top and can be found in Erangel, certain areas of Troi and Training Ground.

New Gun Customisations

Three new gun accessories will also be available in PUBG: New State following the update. A Vertical Foregrip and Bipod for L85A3 weapons offers reduced vertical recoil and easier recoil control when shooting while crouched or prone. However, the accessory lightly reduces ADS speed.

A new Long Barrel for M416 rifles equips them for increased damage but also causes an increase in vertical recoil. Once customised, the attachment disables the M416’s muzzle slot. The third is a 5.56mm Barrel for SLR rifles. Players can swap out the SLR’s 7.62mm barrel for a 5.56mm barrel for increased firing accuracy. The attachment will decrease the damage of the gun as compared to the 7.62mm barrel though.

New Merit Points System

Krafton has also introduced a new penalty system to punish negative behavior within the game. The update suggests that a survivor’s Merit Points will decrease if they open Friendly Fire or display other forms of negative behavior. Multiple reports will result in a lower score. If these Merit Points fall below a threshold, the player will be restricted from playing Squad Mode. Such penalised players will then have to gradually increase their Merit Points by playing Solo Mode.

The list of updates does not end here. Maps within PUBG: New State have been optimised, BP points distributions have been altered, and several issues have been fixed throughout the game. So expect to see all this in your next PUBG: New State session.


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