Due to the overwhelming numbers in corona positive cases in Tamlinadu , medications and observations to be carried out in private hospitals with fixed costs of medications by state Government . IMA of tamilnadu has stated that , patients with less symptoms of corona are to charged Rs.2,31,820 for 10 days , patients with critical symptoms are to be charged Rs. 4,31,411 for 17 days , to get food services daily during the observations in hospitals Rs.9,600 are recommended to be charged.

The key points on costs of medications are to be followed,

For treating patients with less symptoms corona or no symptoms of corona charges Rs.5000 a day.

With high quality facilities , critical and sensitive way of observations are to be charged from Rs.9000 to Rs.15000 a day.

25% of seats in private hospitals are to be allotted for the people for observations and treatments of corona virus who claims state governments insurance schemes

Actions are to be taken on hospitals , those who demands to pay additional amount than these described amount from government. and act of charging additional fees leads to reject the certification of Tamilnadu government insurance

Need to know a lot about private hospitals treatments ,and to file any complain regarding the treatments costs contact to this helpline : 1800 425 3993.

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