Raghava Lawrence: Jallikattu issue gave me a lot of pain and experience

ragawaaA section of people has been constantly criticizing Raghava Lawrence support for Jallikattu and other issues as promotional gimmicks to promote his films. Lawrence has now issued a statement saying that post-Jallikattu issue, he has been receiving a lot of problems.

“Speaking from my heart – I have not been sharing much of my pain with all of you. I have never done that before. But I need to say that after Jallikattu issue, I have faced a lot of problems. I am aware of people who are creating these issues for me and I am not scared of these difficulties.I will face whatever happens.

Jallikattu issue has given me a lot of pain and experience”, said Lawrence, who also recalled how Rajinikanth and Super Subbarayan had helped him in his tough times. Lawrence added: “When I was all alone trying to make a living and struggling to come up in life, when no one in this world was by my side – it was fight master Super Subburayan sir and Superstar Rajinikanth sir who helped and supported me to enter into cinema.Even now, when I am facing a lot of difficulties after the release of Motta Siva Ketta Siva – it is the same Superstar who hugged me like a child and showed his unconditional love and support.

He knows me well and I know him well. He is my guru”. The actor also thanked his fans for providing a good opening for Motta Shiva ketta Shiva, “I sincerely thank all my fans for making Motta Siva Ketta Siva a Hit. In the midst of so many problems, exams, and such likes, people have made it a hit movie. I thank them all for that”.

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