On Wednesday morning regarding the Bengaluru Rameshwaram  café blast case , in three locations in Chennai raids were conducted.  From the intelligence department information that 2 suspects of  March 1 blast have stayed in Chennai , has been received so raids were conducted . The key suspect has been identified by the Central anti – terror probe agency but is yet to trace him .  Ten people had been injured at the city’s popular café in the bomb blast . The low – intensity bomb was kept by a person wearing a mask and cap to cover up and it was left by him in a backpack.  From Shivamogga district in Thirthahalli town in Karnataka the key suspect Mussavir Hussain Shazib has been identified by NIA sources on March 23.  The Shivamogga ISIS module maybe behind the blast . Eleven people were radicalized , who expanded  their network in South India over the last few years . In Karnataka at five locations raids are being carried out.  The suspected individuals homes are being targeted. Cash reward of Rupees ten lakh has been announced by Central Anti – terror agency leading to the arrest of the accused or videos of him. “Investigations are going on, we are closing in in a way who the person (suspect) is has been identified. It has to be confirmed and he has to be nabbed. They are doing it, NIA is doing it, and CCB is doing it with them. They have got good leads,” the minister Gangadharaiah Parameshwara said on March 11.


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