Among states, Rajasthan has contributed maximum funds for the construction of Ram temple, said Kailash Choudhary, Union minister of state for agriculture and farmer’s welfare while speaking at a function in Ahmedabad on Friday evening.

“I also delighted to tell you today that when it came to giving funds for a Ram temple, Rajasthan contributed the maximum money among the states,” he said during a felicitation programme organised by Gujarat-Rajasthan Maitri Sangh in Shahibaug locality.

Choudhary who is also a Lok Sabha MP from Barmer in Rajasthan about the Marwadi community and their commitment towards social service.

Talking about Covid situation in the country, the minister said, “If any other Prime Minister (other than PM Narendra Modi) was heading the country during these Covid times, then not only our industry, our entire economy would have come to a standstill.” Choudhary said that if PM Modi not announced a lockdown (March 2020), many more people would have died. He said the lockdown provided time to the government to arrange sanitisers and hospitals needed to tackle the pandemic.

The minister also promised to help run a train between Barmer and Mumbai that will connect Ahmedabad for non-resident Rajasthanis. “I assure you that I will not come before you in Ahmedabad, before this train starts,” he added.

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