On Wednesday PM Narendra Modi flagged off Rajasthan’s first Vande Bharat Express. He inaugurated through video conferencing .  The train route is Ajmer- Delhi Cantonment. A release stated that this train will complete an hour  earlier than the current fastest train .  The world’s first semi-high speed passenger train on high –rise overhead electric territory is this Ajmer- Delhi Cantonment Vande Bharat Express. All the major tourist spots of Rajasthan will have an increased connectivity because of this train. Pushkar  and Ajmer will also be connected . All this will enhance the socio economic development of the region. From tomorrow onwards trains will be operated between Ajmer and Delhi Cantonment . Gurugram, Alwar and Jaipur stations will have this halting there. Six days a week this train will be on the move . Journey time of Delhi Cantonment and Ajmer will be 5 hrs 15 mins. The fare is above 1ooo. Rupees depending on the class.


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