• Realme’s MagDart charger has leaked and it would come in two models.
  • The thinner MagDart charger would look exactly like the MagSafe charger.
  • Realme has not said anything officially about the MagDart charger.

Realme recently grabbed headlines when a trademark sparked speculation that the company is working on its own wireless charging technology inspired by Apple MagSafe. Interestingly, the name of this technology could be MagDart. The name itself is enough to draw comparisons and bring back the debate around Chinese brands being copycats. But if it was not, a new leaked image of Realme’s alleged MagDart will immediately make you realise that this is a MagSafe-inspired wireless charging technology for Android, at least for future Realme phones.

GizmoChina has shared what looks like an official render of the Realme MagDart wireless charger. It is round and has a wire attached to it, just like how the Apple MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 looks. The report said that there would be two variants of the MagDart charger: one with a slim and lightweight profile and the other one being bulky. The image above shows the former and it can be easily mistaken as the Apple MagSafe charger. The thinner variant is likely to offer 15W wireless charging and is going to be slimmer than the MagSafe charger.

The bulkier MagDart charger is going to look like a big box and feature “high wireless charging rates” that will be as good as the fast wired charging technologies that you see on most smartphones now, especially from Realme. A wide range of Realme phones supports 65W, 50W, and 30W fast charging technologies for as low as Rs 15,000. The report, however, does not mention exactly what standard this charger will support. This MagDart charger seems to have a grille on the bottom, probably as a vent for the fan that will cool down the body in case of heating. There is a USB-C port, as well, on the charger.

It is notable that Realme’s MagDart is a first of its kind attempt at magnetic wireless charging for Android phones, even though it is blatantly similar to Apple’s MagSafe. The benefit of having magnetic wireless charging over Qi-based wireless charging is more precision in the former. Because the charger attaches through magnets, the wireless connection between the phone and the charger remains intact, thereby reducing the loss of power. On the other hand, Qi-based wireless charging works whenever two compatible surfaces touch each other in any proportion. There is a huge power loss in this method because sometimes the phone begins to slip because of its design, or sometimes some external factor causes disturbance to how the phone and the charger are stacked against each other.

For MagDart to work, Realme will have to launch a phone with a magnetic coil on the back that supports wireless charging. So far, no Realme phone supports wireless charging. And since Realme is the one pioneering into the magnetic charging space for Android phones, its family brands, Oppo and OnePlus, are likely to bring their own versions of MagDart aka MagSafe charging technology. There is no information about when Realme will launch this MagDart charger or the compatible phone.

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