Since the corona virus breakdown in India , government as stated a nationwide lockdown and considering safety postponed some civil service exams for the year 2019. Out of 2,304 candidates exams have been postponed only for 623 candidates on that situation. as the ease of lockdown has been followed in certain states in nation , exam committee has decided to conducted the remaining exams for those who din’t take their test as per the schedule . this exams is planned to be conducted within the end of this month July 30. information regarding the exam details has been forwarded to the respected candidates.

This exams were arranged with proper safety measures as to provide face masks, gloves and sanitizing their hands . As the trains are not functioning the air fares for candidates who travel to write their exams from different states will be sparred by the government. all the candidates from various states to be issued proper certificate for travel and for their exams with applicable documents.

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