What went on behind the scenes in the murder of Sudheesh in Pothencode, Kerala can rival cinematic embellishment of crime stories. Small-time drug dealing groups, who primarily supply in rural areas, are also aides in assaults and murders. Sudheesh’s gruesome murder and his chopped off leg being flung on the road was the culmination of tension that lasted between the victim and the accused for over a month.

Sudheesh was given a quotation to kill Sudheesh Unni by a drug peddler who had his network in rural areas of Thiruvananthapuram. On receiving the quotation, Sudheesh phoned Sudheesh Unni, asking to meet him.

However, the latter, already aware of the deal, refused and asked if he would be hacked or killed. Sudheesh confirmed it and threatened Sudheesh Unni that he would be killed either way and if he was reluctant to come to him, Sudheesh would go over to him and do the deed.

Shyamkumar, Sudheesh’s brother-in-law, revealed the latter’s hiding place to Sudheesh Unni and the group of assailants. Also known as Mittai Shyamkumar, Sudheesh and Shyam often got into tiffs because of drug peddling. It was this rivalry that made Shyam show the assailants Sudheesh’s hiding location.

On December 6 around 3.30 pm, Sudheesh arrived with a group of assailants. Sudheesh Unni and his three friends ran into the nearby rubber estate. However, they were surrounded and Mangattumala native Akhil and Oorupoika native Vishnu were hacked by the assailants.

Sudheesh Unni was injured by the crackers that were thrown at them. His mother Rema and father Sukumaran came looking for him. Sudheesh hurled abuse at them and Rema was saved from a cracker by an inch. Sudheesh injured Sukumaran in the process too.

These small-time drug dealing groups are part of a drug chain. Fearing revenge, the assailants allegedly surrendered themselves before the police.


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