Early on Sunday Ukraine’s western region of LVIV was struck by Russia with missiles. As per Warsaw a Russian cruise missile flew briefly into Polish airspace . In more than 2 years of full – scale war just two days after the energy system of Ukraine had biggest aerial bombardment , 57 missiles & drones  were  launched  by Moscow in the attack that also targeted the Capital Kyiv.  On the telegram messaging app Mr. Maksym  Kozytski  the LVIV’s regional governor wrote “There were two preliminary hits on the same critical infrastructure facility that the occupiers targeted at night.” Without identifying the facility the strike used Kinzhal hypersonic missiles which are harder to shoot down. In the critical energy facility in the LVIV region the energy ministry said the equipment caught fire when it was attacked causing to lose power . It’s unclear whether they were talking about the same facility . The airforce said around 18 of 29 inbound missiles and 25 of 28 attack drones were destroyed by air defences. After the strikes caused widespread blackouts on Friday Russia is trying to keep up the pressure on the  energy system. Ukraine has been exporting power in recent weeks that has increased imports of electicity and stopped exports on Sunday.


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