On Wednesday Isha foundation released a statement about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s health issue . He did not cancel his commitment of attending India Today Conclave even though he had health issues . On March 15 Sadhguru  took a MRI Scan which showed massive bleeding in the brain. However after taking powerful painkillers and sedation he attended the events. The statement was “Sadhguru was suffering from severe headache for the last four weeks….The headache got extremely severe by March 14, 2024 afternoon when he arrived in Delhi. Sadhguru underwent an urgent MRI at 4.30 pm the same day, which revealed a massive bleed in the brain. There was evidence of a chronic bleed that had been ongoing in the last 3-4 weeks as well as fresh bleeding that had developed in the previous 24-48 hours of the examination .”  After undergoing brain surgery Sadhguru is now recovering. On March 16 after attending the India Today Conclave Sadhguru spoke about the contentious Citizenship amendment Act. He welcomed the Act but added that it was “ coming too late”.


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