Samsung Announced 8K QLED TV brightness 4000 nits

Samsung has been behind many world firsts when it comes to TV technologies, including the world’s slimmest LED TV, the first FHD 3D TV, the largest UHD TV, and the first curved TV. At IFA 2018 in Berlin, the company unveiled another industry-first innovation with QLED 8K—the first 8K QLED TV.

Samsung is the first manufacturer to implement artificial intelligence (AI) technology into a QLED TV. Adding machine learning to the TV’s repertoire of immersion-enhancing features has made it easy for users to enjoy a wide range of content in 8K.

QLED 8K boasts a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels—16 times more than a full HD (FHD) TV, and four times higher than 4K UHD display. The TV’s added resolution allows detailed in images to be expressed more clearly and creates a sense of reality and depth that keeps you immersed in your content.

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