Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S22 series by late January or early February next year. The hype around the flagship Android smartphones, however, has already reached heights and smartphone enthusiasts around the globe are vying to get the first look at the phones. A new video satiates this curiosity, with what may be our very first glimpse of the Galaxy S22 series phones.

The video now doing rounds on the internet has been shared on Twitter by OnLeaks. It shows three dummies, visibly of Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones, lying side by side. Taking cues from the Galaxy S21 models, the three new phones are likely to be named Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The half-a-minute video shows all three models from all sides and the one thing that is noticeable right from the start is the substantial difference in the design of the S22 Ultra model. Interestingly, the flagship Samsung phone in the series skips the rectangular camera module altogether. The camera lenses on the phone now seamlessly blend with the rear of the device, instead of being housed in a separate box-like module.

This gives the Galaxy S22 Ultra a completely different look from its brethren. The Galaxy S22, and the Galaxy S22+, meanwhile, retain the raised camera module located towards the edge of the phone, which we saw on the Galaxy S21 series. The module, however, has been more streamlined than before, housing three lenses in a vertical alignment. The LED flash has been kept outside this module.

As seen in the video, both Galaxy S22 and S22+ will come with a triple-lens setup at the back. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, however, will feature a total of five lenses on its module. So we can expect a similar digital zoom as on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, if not more.

Other than the camera, the S22 Ultra can be seen featuring a design very akin to the Galaxy Note series. It visibly sports a matte finish like before, though the S22+ and the S22 feature a glossy finish with a glass for the back panel. All three phones in the series sport a selfie camera at the top-centre of the display. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22+ can be seen sporting this in a punch-hole cutout, while the S22 seems to be carrying a notch. The video goes a little blurry by the time it showcases the last phone, so what we see as a notch is a little dicey to be sure of.

As we near the launch of the devices, more information is sure to come out on the Galaxy phones. So make sure you stay tuned to India Today Tech to stay on top of these developments.


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