Secret conversation with AIADMK?(Answer by Deepa):-

deepa2-700x370Deepa is the daughter of demised chief minster jayalalitha’s brother, its conform that deepa will enter politics but, is she going to enter anyone of the party or going to start a new party. She told that her decision will be revealed during her aunt jayalalitha’s birthday which is coming February 24th.

In this situation there were rumors spreading that deepa is having conversation with ADMK members who are not satisfied with sasikala, during a recent meet with the reporters she said that I’m what I’m and I didn’t have a secret conversation with ADMK peoples this an rumor without a proper evidence.

There are followers gathering daily before my home and they are having unconditioned respect towards we and I don’t do what I’m going to do for them, and I also afraid for their safety, and now I’m hearing their suggestions now.

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