Since yesterdays reports just three jawans were killed in the clash with china troops on border Galwan. shockingly reports released by Indian army officials that 20 military soldiers were killed during the attack and four other jawans are in a critical condition taking medications in hospital, Chinese also suffers with nearly 40 casualties in the clash.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian said that , India violates the relevant agreement over the border issue and also crossed the border and entered the Chinese region by violating rules after the military level talk held before a week. he also added that this should not be happening here after this , “the sovereignty of Galwan valley area has always belonged to china. Indian border troops flip-flopped and seriously violated our border protocols on border related issues and the consensus of our commander level talks”.

but India claims that they were just protecting border by exactly what Chinese troops doing to protect the border , there was not any violation of rules over border issues have initiated , Chinese only initiated this violence .

there were more Chinese helicopters were seen at the galwan valley which shows that they used those helicopters to pick up the bodies of Chinese troops and injured soldiers. amidst that america which is keenly on serving and getting involved in the border issue between India and china from the beginning has stated that 35 Chinese soldiers were killed and more injured , american intelligence reports.

On behalf of this issue , prime minister of India have made an emergency meeting to prepare for the strong protection over the border in LAC , and also stated India moves in a calm and peaceful way in border issue but if Chinese instigated further, we will give back a befitting reply to them and the lives of those Jawans who spared their life to save our motherland will not be left in vain.


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