In Dubai world Governments Summit 2024 Shah Rukh who was a guest spoke why he is not acted in any International film and he spoke about professional  life. The actor commented that he wants to end  his career but has a good 35 years before he does so.  At the summit the actor said “I want to end my career, which is far from ending right now; I have a good 35 years to go. I really really want to make that film which is loved by the whole world and then nobody on a big stage like this asks me ‘why haven’t you crossed over’. That film should cross me over.”  Between 2018 to 2023 the actor took a break from the Industry and revealed that he learnt to make Pizzas and he can make the best in the world . He said that his family pushed him back to the screens. He said that he wishes to play James Bond but he is too short for the character. In 2023 the King of Bollywood had three movie releases  “ Pathan” , “ Jawan and “Dunki” . Of  2022  “Jawan” was the highest grossing film of the year.


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