Congress MP Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to thank Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar for publicly giving him credit for the term ‘multi-alignment’ at the Raisina Dialogue conference in New Delhi.

He said he had floated the term, which can be seen in the context of India’s traditional foreign policy of ‘non-alignment’, fifteen years ago but without many takers.

Further, he said the exchange between S Jaishankar and Observer Research Foundation president Samir Saran at Raisina Dialogue 2022 on Tuesday was ‘stimulating’. The discussion was centred on the ‘wider dimensions’ of India’s foreign policy.

Along with a selfie, Shashi Tharoor posted on Twitter, “Thanks Dr S Jaishankar for publicly giving me credit for the term “Multi-alignment“ which I floated 15 years ago gwithout many takers! Stimulating exchange between our EAM & Samir Saran at Raisina Dialogue 2022 on the wider dimensions of our foreign policy.”

The Raisina Dialogue is a multilateral conference held annually in New Delhi since 2016. Hosted by the Observer Research Foundation, an independent think tank, in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs of India, it is known to be India’s flagship conference on geopolitics and geo-economics.


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