Last week in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou a cargo ship hit a bridge. This led to the collapse of the structured portion and a bus plunged into the river. Four other vehicles were also into the river .  Three people went missing, one was injured and two people were killed. The ship rammed the Lixinsha bridge in Guangzhou when it travelled from Foshan to Guangzhou. State Media said there was no cargo in the vessel . It took place at 5 :30 am and on the bridge there was only a bus.  Under the broken section of the bridge the cargo ship got trapped and it’s visuals were visible. Beijing news reported people living in the vicinity were moved to safer zones . Captain of the ship has been detained. The renovation plans of this bridge have been postponed thrice as per CCTV. Construction of “ Collision avoidance facilities “ has been put to a deadline till August 2024.  


ctn author