Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana, in its latest edition, launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister and the central government. Accusing it of failure at every level, a Sena editorial stated that in order to divert attention from issues like price hike, Covid, and unemployment Prime Minister Narendra Modi fans controversial issues.

“The central government is failing at every level. A purchased majority does not mean good governance. The country is running on the issues of Ram and loudspeakers. To divert attention from inflation, corona, and unemployment, the Prime Minister raises controversial issues,” it read.

The editorial went on to add: “These are not good signs. If you blame a state, like Maharashtra, for inflation then what is the central government doing? This question always arises. Last time, the Prime Minister was trying to hide by blaming the spread of Covid infection on Maharashtra. This will only fan the fire of conflict between the Centre and the state. This is what Modi needs.”

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s meeting with the Chief Ministers, the Saamna editorial stated that the focus of the talks changed from Covid-19 and became a platform for criticism of non-BJP-ruled states.

The Sena mouthpiece was also critical of the Prime Minister’s suggestion that VAT on petrol and diesel should be reduced in the states ruled by the Opposition. Saamana said that this was an attempt to pass on one’s responsibility to others.

“Modi holds the states responsible in every case. Then is the central government just sitting to enjoy power? He blamed the states for the increase in petrol and diesel rates, shortage of coal, and lack of oxygen. Is the Centre just sitting to ring the bell,” asked Saamana

The editorial further said that the Modi government has raked in Rs 26 lakh crore through petrol-diesel in eight years.

“Under Manmohan Singh, crude oil was $140 a barrel. However, petrol did not go up by more than Rs 75. The Modi government is buying crude oil at a price of $30 to $100 per barrel, but the fuel price in India has crossed Rs 100,” it stated.

“Anticipating trouble in the elections of five states, including Uttar Pradesh, Modi reduced Rs 5, but as soon as he won the elections, he increased it again by Rs 10,” Saamana fired.


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