The blast occurred on Tuesday evening 18.00 ( 15.00 GMT) after a fire started at then port in the firework station where most dangerous explosive materials were stored in the warehouse. this blast killed nearly 100 people and injured more than 4000 people. The whole city was stammered by this twin blast and totally surrounded by the mushroom like cloud forming after the blast, first blast made so much of smoke to roam around then the second blast was more intense and powerful which made a huge impact with it’s shock wave affected people lives in distance from the port area.

Though the exact reason still haven’t found out for the explosion, President Michel Aoun said the blast was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a warehouse. It is a common industrial material used as fertilizer in agriculture and also used as a components in explosives fro mining purposes. it will explode under certain circumstances only , during the explosion it can release toxic gases including nitrogen oxides and ammonia gas . to protect in a safe manner, site has to be fire-proofed, and not have any drains, pipes or other channels in which ammonium nitrate could build up.

President Aoun declared three days of mourning which started on Wednesday. he said: “No words can describe the horror that has hit Beirut last night, turning it into a disaster-stricken city”. he also added “Amid last night’s smoke, flames and destruction, I would like to laud the zeal of the Lebanese who rushed to the blast location and perimeter and the hospitals to offer support and assistance”.

Rescue workers in Lebanon are in search for more people more than hundred of people, who are missing after a huge explosion vandalized the port area of the capital Beirut on Tuesday. Eyewitness Hadi Nasrallah says that he saw the fire but did not expect the blast. “I lost my hearing for a few seconds, I knew something was wrong, and then suddenly the glass just shattered all over the car, the cars around us, the shops, the stores, the buildings. Just glass going down from all over the building,” he told then reporters .

As media and several video footage showed people trapped beneath rubble and wrecked cars and blast-damaged buildings. The head of Lebanon’s Red Cross, George Kettani, described it as a “huge catastrophe”, adding: “There are victims and casualties everywhere.” Glass pieces all around then port area got shattered due to the shock waves produced from the explosion. and media people showed that the broken glasses were found on the street which made a traffic near the area and also made then situation tough for the rescue workers to search for the people who missed and rescue process is still under progress. The hospitals were already overwhelmed in the city due to the corona pandemic which recently showed a peak signs in Beirut, Lebanon. This explosion made the situation even more tougher to treat people who got injured in this blast . This is a additional burden for people in Beirut city as they are facing a critical economic crisis ahead of this Covid-19 pandemic situation.

President Aoun announced that the government would release 100 billion lira (£50.5m , $66m) of emergency funds but the impact of the blast on the economy is expected to be long-lasting. other neighboring countries were helping Lebanon government to cope up the crisis and to support any assistance in rescue and treatment process


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