There appears to be a shortage of Amul butter in the market in various parts, including Delhi, Ahmedabad and Punjab with customers pointing it out on Twitter. The butter is apparently also not available on grocery apps as well. The shortage is also leading to fake Amul butter doing the rounds in the market.

The shortage was first reported from Ahmedabad. In Delhi, Amul Butter has not been available on the market for 20 to 25 days, as per media reports. Distributors have said there is a supply shortage and they too have not been receiving the goods.

“No butter anywhere in Ahmedabad. Dairies, including Amul, are not producing enough. Shopkeepers say the shortage could last a week,” a consumer said on Twitter.

As per multiple media reports, supermarkets, grocery shops, and delivery apps in many Indian states have flagged a shortage in the supply of the Amul brand of butter.

“Did you realize that Amul butter has become extremely difficult to come by on any platform or in supermarkets?” a Twitter user pointed out.

According to Amul, the shortage of butter in the market could be attributed to the high demand for the product during the Diwali festival.

“Butter production at Amul is above normal. The supply and availability of Amul butter in the market will be fully normal in 4-5 days,” Amul Managing Director RS Sodhi was quoted as saying by News18.


India today