Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanth’s Tamil debut as a lead ‘Enna Solla Pogirai’ recently launched the audio and trailer of the film. Directed by A Hariharan and also starring Avantika Mishra, Teju Ashwini, Vijay TV fame Pugazh, the film is releasing on December 24, 2021.

Speaking at the event, Ashwin said, “I thank God and all my friends here. I am here because of love, and the love you all gave me has made me stand here at this stature in front of you. This is the first audio launch of my film, and I can clearly understand the love you all have for me. This is because, even I have been there in your place in many audio launches. I can clearly state that the unconditional love is what I am experiencing because I have been in your position many times. My life can be classified into before and After Enna Solla Pogirai. Vijay TV has given a breakthrough for me. I never imagined that a comedy show can work so much wonders for me. I wanted to give a good film for the love you all have for me. I am glad that it has happened with Enna Solla Pogirai. When you have a good friend in your life, you will be shine like a star. Ravindran sir is such a good soul. He serves a wholesome delicious food to anyone, who comes to his office, and I myself have experienced it. When he first narrated me a script, I was little taken back and told that I am not interested.”

He adds, “Later, I regretted if I was too hard on such a big producer. However, I was very clear that I have to do a movie for the people’s love in such a way that they are not disappointed. Usually, while listening to a script, I would get sleepy if the script isn’t good. Before Enna Solla Pogirai happened, I had listened to 49 scripts and dozed off. It was only ESP that kept me so much active throughout the script narration process. Hariharan has done a remarkable piece of work with this film. Vivek-Mervin duo has delivered a decorous music for this film. Both the actresses were friendly an supportive throughout the shooting. The film’s output is very colourful and grander. Pugazh looks beautiful in this movie. I always admire two people – Superstar Rajinikanth sir and Silambarasan sir. Silambarasan sir personally called and wished me. I thank him for that beautiful gesture. Sivakarthikeyan is my huge inspiration. I have always considered him while taking each step in my career and decisions. I am now curiously waiting to celebrate the moments of receiving positive reviews and response from you all.”


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