On January 14, a tragic aviation accident occurred involving a Yeti Airlines flight. The ill-fated flight, which was en route from Kathmandu to Pokhara, crashed during its descent into Pokhara airport, resulting in the loss of 68 lives. Although the exact reason behind the crash has not been ascertained yet, Snapdeal co-founder Kunal Bahl has shared a shocking anecdote behind his vow to never travel to Pokhara again by flight. Bahl says in a series of tweets that he saw it coming.

The Snapdeal co-founder Bahl reposted the news about Yeti Airlines crash in Pokhara, Nepal on his Twitter handle and shared his scary flight experience. He wrote, “ This is really really sad.Few yrs ago on my flight to Pokhara, when I told the stewardess that airflow was coming from the corner of a window while airborne, she brought a tissue paper & stuffed the crevice.Decided to never fly to Pokhara again expecting the worst one day.

Looks like Bahl was not the only one who had a bad flight experience. A Twitter user commented under his post saying that he had also had similar experience and blamed all the private propellers in Nepal. He said, “Most of the Nepal private propeller aircrafts are refurbished scraps bought from India. I had a similar experience where the gate was locked using a rubber strap and felt this is very much normal. Decided not to take a propeller flight in Nepal after that.”

Another user wrote that he saw a chartered aircraft flying too close to his Indigo flight when he was traveling to Kathmandu from Delhi,
“On my @IndiGo6E flight from Delhi to Kathmandu in Dec 2019, I saw a chartered aircraft flying past just few metres away from my window. It was scary because usually ATC guides nearing aircrafts to attain different heights to avoid a collision. #NepalPlaneCrash, “he wrote.

Air accidents are not uncommon in Nepal. The country in fact has a record of air accidents. In May 2022, a Tara Air flight carrying 22 people crashed into the mountains. As per the aviation safety network, the Tara Air crash was Nepal’s 19th plane crash in 10 years.

As per eyewitnesses,the Yeti Airlines plane crash took place very near to a residential setup. An eyewitness said that she was washing clothes in the front yard of her house when she saw the aircraft moving in her direction. “The aircraft was tilted at an unusual angle and moments later, I heard a bomb-like explosion. Then I saw a plume of black smoke billowing from the Seti gorge,” Kalpana Sunar said.


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