Tomato prices across several states in the country have witnessed a rapid rise over the past few weeks, leading to a higher burden on households that are already dealing with high fuel and gas prices.

While prices of other staple vegetables such as potato and onions have also increased, the rise in tomato prices is particularly worrying as it has crossed Rs 100 per kilo, much higher than the all-India average tomato price of Rs 54 per kilo at the beginning of November 2021.

The price rise has been greater in southern states, where vegetable prices have gone up by an average of 40 per cent. This is due to extensive crop damage caused by the recent rains. Tomato prices have skyrocketed in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and many other states.

The kitchen staple is retailing at nearly Rs 160 per kilo in Chennai, followed by Rs 130 per kilo in parts of Andhra Pradesh and in the range of Rs 90-120 in Karnataka.

In many parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, the price of tomato has jumped sharply to Rs 100 per kilo. A similar hike has been seen across Delhi-NCR, where the wholesale price of tomatoes has climbed to Rs 70 per kilo, pushing up retail prices to above Rs 100 per kilo.

The sharp rise in tomato prices has come as a huge blow to households across the country, as household budgets are already stretched due to high gas and fuel prices.

Apart from crop damage caused by rain, tomato prices have also gone up due to rising diesel prices, higher demand during the wedding season and hoarding.

However, vendors said the crisis will end soon as state governments have stepped in to alleviate the situation. The arrival of fresh crops could lead to a drop in prices, according to the vendors and wholesale markets.


While tomato prices have come under the limelight due to the sharp increase, other vegetable prices are also on the rise. Data from the Department of Consumer Affairs suggests that the all-India average monthly price of potato is at a 10-month high and onion price is at a nine-month high.

There are chances that the price of staple vegetables likes tomato, onions and potatoes will increase further due to elevated diesel prices and lack of supply due to crop damage triggered by unseasonal rains.

Care Ratings recently said in a report that wholesale prices of vegetables have also shot up in the country due to unseasonal rains and higher transport costs.


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