CHESUNDARAMJUICESTALL From  March 1 many tea shops ,juice shops,provision stores and restaurants have decided not to stock multinational brands of soft drinks.  It is due to the decision taken by traders bodies to not sell products of PepsiCo India Limited and Coca-Cola India.  Tea shop owner’s Association holds 3000 odd members and they have been advised by its president T.Anandan not to stock such brands since they were not suitable for consumption by children or pregnant mothers.  ”It will be a loss to our businesses but we will bear it.  Shops can always sell fresh fruit juices, which people will gladly go for,” he said.  He added that name boards  provided by these brands  will be removed.  In Annasalai a shopkeeper said that after the pro jallikattu protests on the marina many were not opting for such brands.  “The demand has dropped. Perhaps one in a hundred customers ask for these drinks.   We are hardly selling two or three bottles a week.  There seems to a be a very strong change in the behaviour of consumers.   Infact, we do not display the bottles any more since a few irked customers asked us to not stock them. More customers are taking to panneer soda and other local brands,” he said.  In Velachery a shopkeeper said that in place of selling one case of soft drinks now only one or two bottles are being sold everyday.  “We used to send soft drink bottles along with monthly provisions to customers’ homes.   But now, all of a sudden, people don’t want them.   We won’t be stocking these brands after March 1,” he said.  Chennai Hotels Association said that they are supportive of this move taken by TamilNadu Vannigar Sangankalin Peramaippu.  “In the case of many members, we have agreements with these companies and some are trying to get out of them and many have decided not to renew the contracts.   Many have said they will stop selling them when the stocks sell out,” he explained.  “The youth are particularly not interested in consuming these drinks.  We are asking our members to switch over to fresh fruit juices or to local brands,” he said.


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