Spicejet  airlines are back in the limelight.  It’s the incident of a Delhi based flight. Two spicejets pilots were taking snacks while flying. On the occasion  of Holi , two pilots were eating beverages and Gujiya  ( a traditional Holi snack) that was kept in a console of the cockpit. For this reason Spicejet has grounded two of it’s pilots . It took place on the day of Holi  (March 8 ,2023). The flight was scheduled from Delhi to Guwahati . India today has received information related to this. Two pilots are off the roster now. The enquiry is still in process . A spokesperson of Spice Jet airline told about the company rules. For all flight crew , consumption of food  in the cockpit is prohibited . It’s  adhered by all flight crew. Spice jet rules are the same for all their operations.


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