Savitribai Phule Pune University, SPPU students have urged the state government to reduce the college fees and also to allow them to write exams. As per the report, many colleges are not allowing students to write the internal examination without paying the academic fees.  Despite the circular regarding the inward form of the university, many colleges are unnecessary pressuring the students.

SPPU student’s union, Yuvak Kranti Dal, extended its support in this regard. Students have met Dr Dhanraj Mane, Director, Department of Higher and Technical Education, and Dr Mahesh Kakade from the Examination and Assessment Board. Earlier, State Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant also assured that a strategic decision would be taken soon.

Kamalakar Shete, Vice President Pune City, Yuvak Kranti Dal, said, “The country and specifically Maharashtra has been facing a major crisis of the COVID since March 2020. The whole public life has been disrupted. Businesses are closed. Many parents have lost their jobs. Agricultural income is low. Similarly, student education has been going on online for the last year. The students never went to college. The students did not use any equipment, but the colleges charged the entire fee.”

He further added, “There are various charges like Maintenance charges, Laboratory fee, Gym fee, Computer lab fee, Uniform fee, Study Material, Stationary fee, Internet charges, Fieldwork, Extra-curricular activities, Vehicle charges. Now colleges are pressuring students to pay fees. Threats are being made that if the fee is not paid, the form will not be inwarded, or the internal exam will not be allowed. Despite the circular regarding the inward form of the university, the colleges are unnecessarily harassing the students in this regard.”

However, Minister of Higher Education And Technical Education Uday Samant assured that a strategic decision would be taken soon to reduce the college fees. Also, action will be taken against the colleges which did not accept the examination forms.

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