Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in his statement to the Narcotics Control Bureau said that he started smoking marijuana in 2018 when he was in the United States.

“I started smoking ganja in 2018 just for recreational purposes when I was in the US. Ganja smoking is legal there. Also, I was having some sleeping disorders and on a few internet articles, I read that smoking marijuana can help. In March 2020, I came to Mumbai after completing my studies. Then, through one of my friends, Adish Duggal, I procured imported ganja. I used to pay him Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 per gram.”

On being asked about Arbaaz Merchantt, Aryan said, “He has been my friend for the last 7-8 years. He also smokes ganja and hashish. I am not much fond of hashish but on his insistence, I tried hashish (charas) also.” He said he was only into natural drugs like ganja and hashish.

On being asked about the “incriminating” WhatsApp chats and other information related to drug dealings, he said: “On my mobile phone, there is a chat from August 2019 where I had a conversation regarding weed (ganja) with my friend Ananya Panday. Ananya has a younger sister namely Rysa Panday. Ananya gave me weed after this conversation.

“She said she got it from Rysa who had received it from one of her friends. She told me that Rysa is not into ganja smoking. So, she gave it to me as I smoke ganja considering that I will consume it.”

Explaining another WhatsApp chat with a woman, Aryan said, “I met her in Dubai. She is a resident of London. She met me at a party at the Burj Khalifa. I smoked ganja and hashish with her in Dubai. The drugs were procured by a man namely Omar.”

Khan also told the NCB about a WhatsApp group named ‘Title Undecided’. “All participants are my friends and we work together on story writing and filmmaking,” he said. Pointing to a message, Aryan said that he offered a “friend” cocaine.

Explaining his chats with one of the accused in the Mumbai cruise drugs case, Achit Kumar, Khan said, “It is regarding a poker game and weed procurement. He currently owes me Rs 80,000 and he was unable to pay back my money so I was offering to provide me ganja (weed) in bulk against the due money.”

Achit has some major weed supplier contacts in Powai and Bandra. So, he could have easily provided that to me,” Aryan Khan said. Kumar, in his statement, told the NCB that he later gave Rs 40,000 to Aryan in cash and still owes him the rest of the amount.

Khan further told the NCB in another statement about the number of gadgets he uses and his bank accounts, the details of which he did not remember.


India today