NEET and JEE (main) exams are the current sensational news roaming around the mind of students in India as well as in the government’s mind to take a stand regarding the exams to take place as per the schedule or to postpone it , due to the frequent spread of novel corona virus with the spike in India day by day. considering various reasons such as to protect the spread of virus, safety of students as well as exam conductors several people like 11 states Chief Ministers, actors, political leaders, students, and educationalists raised their voices against the order of conducting exams as per the schedule on coming September . Odisha chief minister added that not only corona virus ,floods are also being the barrier and struggle for conducting and difficult for students to concentrate on their preparation for exams

Despite their condemns government stays clear in it’s decision that this is not just a primary school exams to cancel or to postpone as it was already postponed from May and June , these are the main exams JEE (main) and NEET which will decide student’s next step towards their career path along with nations development. Education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal said that ” NTA DG told me that 7.5 lakhs out of 8.58 lakhs candidates in JEE have downloaded admit cards. For NEET, over 10 lakhs out of 15.97 lakhs candidates downloaded admit cards in 24 shows that students want that exams are held at any cost”.

he also mentioned that “safety and career of students is important to us”. additionally he conveyed that ” JEE exams centers have been increased to 660 from 570 while there are now 3,842 NEET centers , up from 2,546 for the convenience of students . students have also been allotted exam centers of their choice”. these statements from education minister of India clearly explains that the exams will occur as per the schedule without any barrier but oppositions and condemn for exams during this pandemic situation will be taken to the next step as chief ministers are planned to go to supreme court for postponing the exams to ensure the safety of the candidates who were enrolled for the NEET and JEE (main ) exams. it’s a 50-50 chance for these exams to occur by considering the huge amount of opposition from various groups, on the other side government is clear with it’s opinion to make this happen.

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