14TVKOMUNNAR In Munnar there are  tight controls on construction of commercial buildings and regulations on land use ,industrial activity and tourism development  to preserve the  fragile environment of the region.  The Committee chaired by Mullakara Ratnakaran has urged the government to create a development authority  for Munnar , demarcate environmental zones with separate building laws, and formulate an environmental management policy for the region.  Till an authority is set up the report calls for a temporary  ban on construction of all non-domestic  buildings.  The representatives of  government departments and agencies,environmental  and climate change institutions will constitute the authority that is about to be proposed.  It recommends a ban on construction and operation of all commercial buildings beyond the permitted height and cancellation of title deeds and recovery of land for violation of lease conditions.  To deny permission  for construction of buildings that can pose a threat to the environment is stressed.  To promote eco-friendly tourism and farming in Munnar steps have been called by the  panel.  There will be strict norms for pollution control and vehicular population, with deterrent fine for violation.

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