Jallikattu happens to be the most intriguing part of Tamil culture, where it all proves to be an aesthetical art and game of taming the Bull for the festive occasion of Pongal season. But then, the Supreme Court had given a ban on this game saying that it is dangerous to both Human and Animal life.

Many Tamil celebrities have been extending their support against the decision of the Supreme Court. Now actor STR has come to the support raising his voice.

On Friday, Simbu endorsed the sport. In a statement to the press, he said, “Jallikattu is not only a game that portrays the Bravery of Tamil People, it also protects our Indian cattle breeds too. But due to the Ban of Supreme Court, Jallikattu was not happening for the past two years.” STR Supports Jallikattu By Changing DP He also adds “I am awaiting to see the raging bulls and the courageous men together in the arena promoting the sport of velour this Pongal itself. After all, this is our festival, our culture and our sport” His statement starts with “Jallikattu is the cultural symbol of our state and it is our pride too. We have been practicing this art of valour for years, and it is utterly disgraceful when some groups and individuals manage to misguide and misinform the authorities of governance and judiciary on this art that is considered as cultural symbol of our state”.

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