College students of Mahlara Arts and Science College For Women at Mavoor staged a unique protest against the buses that do not stop at their station and distributed sweets to the drivers and other staff in Kerala’s Kozhikode.

The students used to get late for college because the buses did not stop at their bus stations.


The students were facing several issues as buses were not stopping at their stops. They raised the issue through the principal and lodged a complaint at the Mavoor police station.

A home guard was also appointed at the bus stop and the drivers started stopping the bus at the stations. But after a few days, they went back to their old habits and stopped halting the buses at the required stations.

Taking matters into their hands, some female students distributed sweets to all the bus staff and welcomed them with applause. They said, “We don’t want to hurl stones or obstruct buses. We will give you sweets if you stop the bus.”

The protest was inaugurated by the college principal in the presence of teachers and bus owners’ representatives.


India today